Thursday, July 31, 2008

low budget films

Hello to all the member(s) of the fan club. I have been tinkering around on the macbook pro and create a few little video shorts trying to condense my trip in to a manageable viewing time frame. I think it has promise...but it wont win any awards. Since i am not getting paid for this gig, i thought it best to find a acceptable stopping point and move on to other pieces of my life that need attention. Enjoy!

ASIA 2008 from rob a on Vimeo.


family said...


Exceptionally well done! (I must say, you had a pretty good assistant photographer too.) Your video is such a beautiful way to tell your travel story. It is so full of emotion and adventure. I’m glad I got to see it. I hope I can view it with you, someday, so I can hear your words describing those fascinating moments in time. I’m enchanted.

My love,

Aunt Merry

juju said...

Rob, What a beautiful way to see the things you have seen. Great sites! I especially like the diving , motion by motion and the Great Wall, step by step. You are so talented. I thank you for sharing that part of ypur life and letting us see the world through your eyes. Always, Mom

family said...

Where are you Rob? I'm waiting to see pictures and hear of your destination.

I pray for you well being and send my love,

Aunt Merry